About Us



We are devoted to coordinating and executing the ultimate event for our clients, no matter the size or budget of the group.

Whether it be a corporate product launch, a charity Gala Ball, an AGM, a 21st birthday party, engagement party or wedding, having a professional Event Planner working on your event is always a good idea. Here are 3 reasons to choose us for your next corporate or social/private event.

1/ Time Management is one of the key reasons for hiring an Event Planner, as having a professional to keep the planning and the event running smoothly helps with the overall success of the event. So much is involved in the pre-planning of an event, such as sourcing a venue, researching and booking suppliers, producing a run sheet, deciding on food and beverage; this all takes an incredible amount of time. Additionally, we already have a wide array of industry contacts that will save you both time and money.

2/ No stress for YOU. The role of an Event Manager is seldom in the top 10 most stressful jobs because it is an easy job! It is stressful, but we thrive on the stress, creativity and hard work involved in event management. One of the top reasons to hire us is to take this stress off you completely and let the professionals deal with it all. It will be the best money you can spend, aand you can enjoy your partner’s 40th birthday party, or your son’s wedding, stress free. Leave the logistics to the professionals, every time.

3/ You need to meet key business objectives. If you have a corporate or business event that involves a strategic purpose and measurable goals must be achieved and accounted for; having an Event Planner on your side is the best decision you will make. Our role is to work with you to ensure that all key business objectives for the event are met. It could be that you need to raise a certain amount of money for a fundraising event, or perhaps you need to re-brand a product or service for a client. We will be by your side every step to ensure that these objectives are met.